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Punishing innocents for the crimes of a few relatives sets a bad precedent for that ruler. That’s why no Mormont was punished when Jorah fled. That’s why Barristan Selmy requests that Dontos Hollard be spared after the Defiance of Duskendale. That’s why Robb on the TV show says, “If every man were held accountable for the actions of every distant relative, Ser Alton, then we’d all hang. . May your favourites survive season 7 and your most hated ones be finally killed. I normally stay out of the Sansa vs Jon debates, but in that scene I think she was right in every way. All the Lords and Ladies there are free to openly challenge King Jon but Sansa, the Lady of Winterfell, can’t. I can see not punishing Houses that didn’t support Jon but also didn’t fight against him. But the Umbers and Karstarks threw in with the Boltons specifically to destroy the remaining Starks. And why shouldn’t House Mormont, for example, get a larger chunk of land for their support of Jon. I can see the last scene being Maester Sam writing by candlelight in the annals of Westeros, setting down the history of this long night, the heroes and the villains. I just don’t find him interesting, at least in the current setting. Playing off other more important characters, he’s better. It was also nice to see him in a scene where he’s not being a bombastic psycopath. Maybe because Meera’s grief and exhaustion was palpable through through the screen, or maybe it was because I was expecting something momentous to happen, or for there to be a fraught conversation about whether them passing through will have serious repercussions. He could have come to the conclusion that the Wall needs to fall. Or will it be a big red-herring with the Walkers walking around the wall via frozen seas at Eastwatch. Jamie’s sense of unease was obviously growing though, he’s realising he has no say in anything, gets no respect from the woman he’s spent his life trying to please, and that he’s ultimately disposable.

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The remote does solve the problem of watching TV at night without bothering your household, but it’s not as good as buying a dedicated pair of wireless headphones. Did you know the remote that comes with some Roku devices can turn any pair of regular wired headphones into wireless ones? It’s true. If your Roku comes with the Roku Enhanced Voice Remote, then you have the option to make your headphones wireless. While the audio quality through the Roku Enhanced Voice Remote, which runs with two AA batteries, isn’t as good as dedicated wireless headphones, it does solve the problem of watching TV late at night without disturbing anyone around you. All you need is a Roku device with the company’s Enhanced Voice Remote and a pair of headphones or earbuds. Moreover, devices that include the Roku Enhanced Voice Remote often come with batteries and in-ear headphones out-of-the-box, so then all you need is a good internet connection and a Netflix account to start using them. One Amazon Customer writes: “Even though you can use ROKU without the controller, the controller makes it so much easier to use. It's not use easier to use to change channels, but without having to involve a laptop computer, The controller makes the picture better on the TV. Also since I'm hard of hearing I usually blast the TV which bothers others in the house who aren't watching TV. With this controller, I can use ear plugs to listen to the TV—the ear plugs plug directly into the controller unit and I can listen at a comfortable level without disturbing anyone else. . Heads up: All products featured here are selected by Mashable's commerce team and meet our rigorous standards for awesomeness. If you buy something, Mashable may earn an affiliate commission. Reviews RT Celebrates 21 Years AAA Travel Video Series - Mexico Yucatan Unrated,1 hr. In background is Mark Twain's house, Passengers include Stanton Sickles at left and a Tammany Hall politician at right. In 2005, AAA re-entered racing as a sponsor of ISC -owned tracks. AAA went on to commission and publish (1938) an extensive study of pedestrian safety for the purpose of reducing pedestrian fatalities and injuries. In 1944, AAA’s Keep 'em Rolling campaign sponsored a cross-country tour featuring cars equipped with synthetic tires.

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First stop was a connoisseurs' festival called Screamfest. Then on to the Sundance Festival's cheekier sibling, Slamdance, where the film attracted the attention of Paramount and DreamWorks, which flirted briefly with the thought of remaking it as a conventional Hollywood movie. It was Paramount that finally ran with it, drumming up the hype via Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. They then set about artfully manipulating supply and demand so that the film's target audiences were eventually petitioning for it to be released across the US. By then the hype had begun to matter more than the action on the screen, which turns out to be spectacularly banal, dwelling in that dead zone that opens up when a film can't decide what mood it's in. That's the spirit here and it produces long stretches that give the audience nothing to do but sweat on the horrors that they hope will arrive sooner or later. This long vigil in suspense's waiting room might be more bearable if Katie and Micah ever said or did anything worth recording. He wants to film her cleaning her teeth, she'd rather he didn't but he does, anyway. And so it goes for about 40 minutes, with a couple of minor diversions as he sets up the camera in their bedroom to cover the activities of the increasingly restive. Katie calls in a psychic who tells her that the house is harbouring a demon with a crush on her but since the psychic isn't a demonologist, he can't do anything about it. Katie doesn't. And because she doesn't think he's taken their predicament seriously enough, she confesses that she's been haunted twice before in her life. Then towards the end of the film, a few flashes of wit emerge. But those around me were still to produce one full-throated scream. Yet before the lights went down there had been a buzzing sense of anticipation in the cinema. This was an audience who really wanted to be frightened and judging from the look of them, they were all members of the YouTube generation with every reason to be excited by the success of one of their own. If a young movie nerd could raise millions at the box-office with a film shot in his own house and edited on his own PC, why couldn't they do it, too. They symbolise the revenge of the amateur in the face of Goliaths like Emmerich and Cameron. But when the object of the hype turns out to be as lame as this film, the whole exercise becomes just another Hollywood con job.

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Beard maintained his sobriety, giving lectures on drug-abuse awareness. Laughlin rose to fame at the age of 8, joining Our Gang in 1940. Laughlin’s character Froggy was known for his strange, guttural voice, which sounded like a frog’s croak — thus a nickname was born. When Our Gang stopped production in 1944, Laughlin appeared in Johnny Doesn’t Live Here Anymore (1944), then left show business to enjoy his teenage years. He died on Aug. 31, 1948. The scooter was given to Laughlin by his parents only two weeks prior to the accident. The Lee family traveled from Texas to Culver City, California. Hal Roach noted how much the 18-month-old toddler looked like Our Gang star Spanky McFarland, also from Texas. As a result, Lee — nicknamed “Porky” by the studio — joined the cast as Spanky’s little brother. Five-year-old Lee had a growth spurt in early 1939, outgrowing 10-year-old McFarland. He was replaced by Mickey Gubitosi, better known as Robert Blake. Lee retired and became an alternative school educator at Broomfield High School in Colorado. Blake got his break at 9 years old when he began playing Mickey in The Little Rascals, after replacing Porky. He later became Spanky’s best friend and graduated to the leader of the group. He also appeared as a child actor in the Red Ryder film franchise. In many of his other roles as an adult, he was cast as a Native American or Latino character, despite being an Italian from New Jersey. After a stint in the Army, Blake returned to acting, making a name for himself in the television series Baretta as an undercover police officer. However, in 2005, Blake became much more famous for his personal life when he was tried and acquitted of the 2001 murder of his second wife, Bonnie Lee Bakley.

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written in black erasable ink on the door of their prayer room, DNAinfo reported. The following day, the students organized a “Rise Above Hate” rally, with an event on Facebook that listed 750 attendees. A pair of racially charged incidents in western New York have also drawn national attention. Canisius College in Buffalo, N. Y. suspended two students for hanging a black doll by a noose in an elevator, WBFO reported. The third season of the pay cable network’s acclaimed drama “The Affair” returns Sunday, Nov. 20 deliciously burdened with death, desire, guilt and betrayal. “It’s about our darker impulses as humans and what happens if we follow them,” Maura Tierney, who won a Golden Globe this year for her portrayal of Helen, tells the Daily News. The award-winning drama is told from multiple perspectives and also stars Dominic West, Ruth Wilson and Joshua Jackson. 'Homeland' casts female President for season 6 It’s a twisted tale in which Noah Solloway (West) is a New York City writing teacher and father of four married to Helen (Tierney) who has a torrid affair with Alison Lockhart (Wilson) a young, married waitress from Montauk. In earlier seasons their trysts were revealed and their marriages shattered. With its return, “The Affair” rejoins Showtime’s blockbuster lineup of original scripted series, ranking as one of the most watched premium cable series next to Emmy-award winning “Homeland” and HBO’s “Game of Thrones. Last season The Hamptons-set series left off with Noah confessing to a murder he did not commit. He’s been released. As the season progresses, there are more and more flashbacks. Despite gaining fame from his novel “Descent,” which he wrote loosely based off his own affair, Noah is broke, depressed and teaching a college writing class. That’s been the struggle. One year before his release, Noah sternly demands Helen stop visiting him in jail when she expresses concern about the bruises on his face.